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What others are saying

  • I want to buy more houses from Home Team!

    TiJuan B.

  • I’m not trying to sound sentimental I thank God everyday I wake for Mr. Prentice being apart of my life. This man has changed my life as well as others tremendously. Once I used to wish that I had a house, thanks to Home Team I now have a place I call home. Once I used to wonder about work, thanks to him, and Home Team I as well as others now feel as though I am apart of Detroit. What Home Team and Mr. Prentice has done for me words can’t explain. From my mouth to your ears thank you Home Team.

    Lamont J.

  • My purchase process was great. I’ve been looking after this house for the last 10 years. I met Daniel, we made a hook up, and now we’re just like a married couple. Thank you Home Team!

    Tommy P.

  • Thank you Matt! The service was great, everything you and Home Team did for me. You made it possible for me to become a homeowner, I thank you for that. I appreciate you being patient with me and my dad. Keep up the good work – I would recommend other people to you all.

    Tamya H.

  • At first when I met Mr. Prentice, I did not trust him. That quickly changed. He helped me and my family to keep the home we were living in after almost losing it. He did everything he said he would do and more. As a survivor of a brain aneurysm, he knew how to keep my stress level down and guide me through the situation. He restored my faith in other people.

    Candace J.

  • I’m really proud of my new home. I’ve done a lot to it to make it my own. I love my neighbors!

    Anthony B.

  • Thank you tons! And thank you for being so kind this just took loads of stress off us. We were going to have to be out and now that’s OK because we have our own home. You are amazing!

    Dusty M.

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Community. Opportunity. Prosperity.

We believe that every human being should have the opportunity to lead a prosperous and fulfilling life. We believe strong family, social, and civic values are developed in the home. We believe that the culture of a strong community supports that lifestyle. Our mission is to provide that sanctuary and embed ourselves in the community to promote a complete lifestyle change.

Home Team is a real estate firm dedicated to creating complete home ownership solutions for members of the communities we operate in. We utilize a comprehensive process to ensure an optimal experience for all that choose to go through our programs. Unique to Home Team is our community stakeholder focused model whereby homeowners, investors, and municipalities all come together to reach a common goal of building and improving neighborhoods.